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Algoritma Google Terbaru Mengutamakan Konten Berkualitas

Algoritma Google terbaru mengutamakan konten

Google Algorithm Updates Promote Better Content

Algoritma Google terbaru mengutamakan konten. Kembali ke prinsip Content is King! Konten adalah raja. Intinya, jangan terlalu utak-atik SEO seperti Meta Tag dsb. Pokonya, nulis aja yang bagus, bikin konten yang unik, menarik, orisinal (asli, bukan Copas), dan bermanfaat bagi user.

Google Algorithm Updates Promote Better Content
Below is a review of the ways Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird affect SEO and what you can do for better performance.

Panda And Penguin: Fighting Spam For The Greater Good

After 25 tracked encounters with the content-spam-fighting Panda, Google said in March that it would no longer announce Panda updates. Then in May, Google announced the Panda Dance: monthly updates rolled out over a 10-day period. With unannounced updates, it’s harder to tell if you’ve been affected by Panda. Low quality content is no longer worth the trouble, even for short-term gain.

The 4th and 5th rounds of the Penguin update took its penalization of linking schemes deeper into the site, addressing more types of links. With Penguin, Google is saying the same thing for links as it is for content: they need to have value, a reason to exist other than to inflate rankings.

Google’s ever-broadening definition of spam is beneficial not only for searchers looking for information; it’s beneficial for SEO marketers focused on white-hat tactics and quality content, since it means their sites will rank higher as more spam gets filtered out.

Hummingbird: Semantic Search For The Masses

The rise in mobile, the increasing use of voice search, and the arrival of a new generation of young searchers untrained to search in keywords (partly due to the proliferation of tablets) could be some of the factors leading to Google’s most significant algorithm upgrade to date.

While most SEO marketers didn’t see an impact from the Hummingbird updates that were rolled out over a month before the late September announcement, Google’s new ability to effectively address conversational queries and match content based on synonyms further solidified the audience-centric content imperative. Danny Sullivan reported that there’s nothing SEOs need to do differently for Hummingbird: just continue focusing on high-quality content.

Creating high-quality content that meets user needs and optimizing it as you go makes SEO a more integral part of a holistic marketing process. To ensure your site doesn’t get hit by a black and white beast or a tiny bird in search of nectar, try these tactics:

Think about topics rather than keywords when considering content creation. What questions does the page answer? Are there synonyms for the topic that can be used on the page?
Seek out high-quality partners for linking. Make sure the link is placed in a context that is congruent with the topic.
Try to get bad links to your site removed. If that’s not possible, use the Google links disavow tool.
Hire qualified, capable partners for both writing and SEO. Just because someone is good at SEO doesn’t mean they can write copy that is clear and compelling, and most writers aren’t trained to do SEO. Ideally, content can be optimized as it’s being created from within the CMS.
Foster a teamwork culture for content strategy. Conceptualizing, writing, and placing quality content on Web pages that drive revenue is a team effort.

The SERP Of The Future Is Here: Knowledge Graph
The Knowledge Graph, launched in 2012, takes advantage of the Schema.org alliance formed in 2011 and represents a fundamental shift in how searchers get information. The structured data delivered in results often answers searchers’ questions directly on the SERP or offers them opportunities to better filter the results based on their preferences. (Sumber: SEL).

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